Energy Star Homes

Energy Star Homes1

Kickapoo Homes has always built with quality and durability in mind. We’ve also made sure our homes are air tight, well insulated and sealed from water. We’ve joined the Wisconsin Energy Star Homes program and didn’t have to change our construction techniques one bit!

capecod2Home features:

  • Foundation water management
  • Air infiltration sealing
  • Low e windows
  • Multiple insulation options
  • Energy efficient lighting
  • Energy star appliances
  • Sealed combustion furnaces
  • Heat recovery ventilators
  • Ecm technology
  • Energy efficient fireplaces

People simply feel more comfortable in Wisconsin FOCUS ON ENERGY PROGRAM® Homes. That’s because these homes, on average, are up to 25% more efficient than a home built to Wisconsin’s Uniform Dwelling Code.

This results in a lot of great benefits for you: 

  • A quality home built with great attention to detail
  • Properly installed insulation and draft-free construction
  • Enhanced indoor air quality
  • Added safety, with combustion products (furnace, water heater, fireplace) exhausting outside the home
  • Added durability by keeping warm air out of walls and attic spaces, which helps prevent structural damage
  • Control of indoor moisture and condensation
  • Better resale value
  • Greater energy efficiency, which results in lower energy bills
  • Plus. the energy saved translates into reduced air emissions, which helps our environment